Mueller Airport Sunflower 2010  by Ann  Harkness

Mueller Airport Sunflower 2010  by Ann  Harkness


Century Modern Gallery is a private gallery that mixes accessible art and design as well as personal photography services. We showcase contemporary and vintage Texas and New Mexican regionalist photographers, artists, and prints from the 20th and 21st century. Additionally we buy and sell lesser known vintage mid-century art, antiques and books.

Our current offered works include:  Ann Harkness, Stella Alesi, Leon Alesi, Jeff Baker, Rachel Koper, Ryan Kronk, Otto McKay, Damien Nile, Scott Stephens, Milo Smith, David Glenn Smith, Chuck Voelter and William Willke.

We are currently also offering a large selection of German mid-century modern ‘lava’ pottery, paintings and furnishings from 1940s-1980s.

Additionally provide art and design consultation, digital archiving and editing services for clients home photo collections.

Kids on the Run By Leon Alesi 2017

Co-owned by Ann Harkness and scott crow, who’s combined experiences in art, photography, advertising and antiques spans over forty years. Their first gallery, Red Square, opened in Dallas, Tx in 1995 and their second, Century Modern, was open from 1996-2002 when they sold it. They continued selling and consulting privately before slowly relaunching Century Modern Gallery in Austin in 2013.



DC Subway  unknown   2017

DC Subway  unknown   2017

Century Modern Gallery’s goal is to make and sell art , prints as well as antiques that are accessible to all collecting levels or just beautification. We offer individual and corporate client services and consultations.

We're located in the heart of Austin Texas and available by appointment only.
contact us: CenturyModernArt -at- gmail.com